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8 considerations to keep in mind when choosing a hotel

Many times you get carried away by spontaneity in travel, a characteristic that is always recommended but that you must measure when it comes to choosing a hotel. Traveling with children, after a too long flight and, in addition, on a tight budget, are factors that encourage you to take these considerations into account when choosing a hotel.

hotel in double bay

1. Safe

Many tourists prefer to travel feeling that their budget is protected, although those who are more carefree should also consider staying in a hotel that includes safe-deposit box services. Especially if you travel with large amounts or have to make an imminent high payment, if you have money from the company in cash or if you prefer to distribute the budget in several places to ensure some stability in case of theft, a safe in a hotel is never superfluous.

2. Daycare service

If you are traveling with children and want to treat yourself to that evening at the hotel restaurant or a few hours of privacy on the nearest beach, taking into account a hotel with babysitting service is always a recommended option. On the other hand, many hotels have temporary employees who come when a client needs to hire such services.

3. Half or full (board)

If you travel with children and the budget is tight, taking into account the type of pension is important when saving a few dollars without neglecting a catering that convinces us. Whether it is medium and includes only breakfasts or complete, knowing how many meals the stay includes will help you define and lower your budget a little more.

hotel accommodation rooms

4. Blessed kitchen

Or, on the other hand, you can also consider reserving a room with a kitchen or cuisinette. Being able to cook when you feel like it without having to stick to restaurant hours, eat what you want and to your liking or save the price of certain over-inflated menus in tourist places by buying in a supermarket, are some of the benefits of that precious cuisine.

5. Wi-Fi

Internet is a resource that becomes an essential tool when making reservations, managing routes, finding guides or downloading audiovisual material. Make sure that the chosen hotel has a Wi-Fi network (if it is included in the room much better) it is a basic requirement when staying anywhere in the world.

6. Deceptive location

Find out if you have a nearby shopping area, good public transport connections (or, especially, to visit the important points on foot), a tourist attractions or a hospital. This will allow you to have more control over the situation in case of emergency or change of plans, without giving up a good hotel in a certain destination.

7. Cleaning above all

The photos on any hotel website can be somewhat misleading, offering a look that hardly matches the result you will find when you arrive. Consulting the opinions of the accommodation will help you support that slight intuition that you are about to stay in a sea of mites, broken showers and bathrooms of questionable hygiene.

accommodation in Double Bay

8. More than hotels

Possibly all the above factors are reflected in that hostel that, by simple etiquette, does not convince you. You must take into account the increasingly abundant options offered by tourist accommodation: from a hostel to a guesthouse where you can interact with locals

These 8 factors to take into account when you book a hotel can be used for all types of tourists or for some more individuals. And it is that a hotel can sell you a misleading image that, either it is a careful strategy, or because you were too stressed organizing a trip that deserves some planning.


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