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Timber pest reports

Timber pest reports specialist saw out the front would be occurring in this duet Timber pest reports  as well and contributing hereto that sort of sagging of the ceiling materials over the years now because this is an addition you do get that differential movement.  And the cracks -Mason read that have been occurring more than likely that differential movement will continue once you patch those cracks they more than likely will reappear the only way to really try and minimize that is actually to express anoint and then put a cover plate over the top. And allow for the building’s movement as such so looking at the areas thermally looking at the ceilings certainly see that evidence of where that moisture is drizzling down onto that lower wall Timber pest reports a bit of balcony detail to the rear or eastern side of the dwelling or distant side of the upper level this flooring is the timber floor.  And has been waterproofed over at the top waterproofing has lifted along t