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The importance of helmet use for motorcyclists

The use of a safety helmet by a motorcyclist is a decision that can make the difference between life and death, between escaping unscathed from a motorcycle accident or suffering serious injuries whose consequences can be irreversible.   No matter how close or far you go on your motorcycle, the best option is always to wear a helmet to protect your head. Reasons why helmet use is important We can list multiple reasons why a motorcyclist should take into account the use of a helmet when driving a motorcycle, however there are five reasons that have been investigated and demonstrated, we show them below: Head injuries are the leading cause of death from a motorcycle accident. The helmet prevents head injuries by more than 30%. Those motorcycle riders who decide not to use a helmet are 40% more likely to die in an accident. A motorcycle driver is 32 times more likely to be killed in an accident than a passenger car driver. The medical expenses of a motorcycle rider who rides withou