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How to Write a Personal statement for Exercise Physiologist

Everyone needs to get better because exercise physiologist can become so much deeper than how many of us are already practicing will help patients more effectively and will become more fulfilled as human beings so physiotherapist newcastle encourage you to be inquisitive embrace the uncertainty and a complexity of what physiotherapist newcastle try to achieve and enjoy.

The journey of discovery and physiotherapy genuine connection with patients I'm gonna be talking about it in my next tip but the reason why you should mention clinical work experience in your personal statement is because it shows first of all that you're proactive it shows that you know or you have an understanding of what physiotherapy is about because the academic tutors and the admissions tutors.

They really want to know that you know that exercise physiologist physic is not just about sport and you know what to expect when you get into the course because the course is predominantly NHS based you're gonna be based in hospitals acute care settings where people are critically ill and you know they have oxygen tanks and so they want to know that basically you have an idea of what to expect when you go into the course.

So you don't drop out in the first or you know first two months physiotherapist newcastle so that's basically the reason why it's good second is the second tip is to write about the qualities that physic is demonstrate now as I mentioned I want to write in a particular way I want you to first of all write about the example that you see in your clinical work experience.

For example I managed to shadow a physiotherapist in the hospital one of the one of the interesting things about that was I watched them treat a patient with a burn on their hand they managed to show extreme empathy through their voice and the way they communicated so again it's demonstrating empathy and communication skills to two very relevant things.

That exercise physiologist newcastle should possess and so once you've said that then say you know I have managed to I think that I think that empathy and good communication skills are evident in my experience whilst working as a physic assistant on wherever or you know just try and link it to an experience and just say how you demonstrate these skills what makes you a good candidate to become a physiotherapist they were they really want to know.

So some other skills you could talk about is apart from empathy apart from good communication skills you can talk about good physical fitness because as a physic you're going to be moving limbs you know up and about every day you're gonna physiotherapy newcastle be walking patients well you know you're gonna be moving patients you're gonna be helping to mobilize them so you should have good physical fitness thirdly or fourthly good team working skills good a good organizational skills good team working especially.

Because you're gonna be in and around other health professionals exercise physiologist when you're in the hospital you're gonna be in an MDT team so with people such as the occupational therapist the consultant the nurse the rehab support worker the discharge coordinator so you know you're gonna be around a lot of a lot of different health professionals and you're all going to be cooperating to one specific goal which is to either get the patient back home or you know back up to their baseline so they can be discharged or you know just improve their or get them get them back up to baseline


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