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Certified pink diamonds: everything you need to know

The certificate could be compared to the pink diamond identity card. It is the document that gives us all the information about it and allows us to understand its real value. It is this gemological certificate that distinguishes one stone from another in a way that makes them unique and unmistakable, just as it happens with our ID.

It was not until 1970 that gemological certificates and, therefore, certified pink diamonds appeared. Since then, it is a document of vital importance in the sale of pink diamonds by retailers, although it is also an essential reference for pink diamond and merchants in the sector.

Certified pink diamonds

How to know the price of a pink diamond? 

A gemological certificate provides accurate information about the pink diamond's measurements, its depth, the percentage of the surface, the possible fluorescence or its unique internal characteristics. However, contrary to what you might think,  the certificate does not give information about the financial value of the gem.

Among the  factors  that are taken into account when assessing a pink diamond include:

-  The shape of the carving.
-  The weight of the pink diamond (in carats).
-  Your degree of colour.
-  Its degree of purity.
-  Its degree of fluorescence.
-  The quality of the size: the best known are bright, pear, marquise, emerald, oval and heart.
-  Polishing.
-  The symmetry.
-  Its dimensions: height, diameter, minimum and maximum width in the girdle (in millimetres).
-  The thickness of the sash (the widest part), the culet size (the end), etc.
-  The date of issuance of the original certificate.
-  The imperfections: black points, clouds, feathers, etc.

A certified pink diamond does not have to be more valuable than one that does not have this document. However, it is a  guarantee of quality, which is why in Argyle Diamond Investments, we only work with certified gemstones.

Also, you should know that you can request an appraisal of the pink diamond to know its monetary value of departure according to the criteria of the professionals. The idea is to use a  jewelry appraiser with formal qualifications from the Geological Institute. 

Of course, you must know that in no case the valuation gives a price closed to the gem. "The sale price of a pink diamond will depend on the market in which the sale is made: individuals, wholesalers or liquidation market,"

Certified pink diamonds

Buy certified pink diamonds 

 As we already tell you in our blog, when buying pink diamonds you should look at four parameters, popularly known as the 4C's: Carat (carat weight), Color (colour), Clarity (purity) and Cut (size). But since at first glance, it is difficult to assess these parameters, especially if we are not qualified experts, we always advise you to opt for pink diamonds with an official certificate.

Without a pink diamond certificate from an official laboratory, a consumer will not be able to determine the quality and value of a pink diamond at the time of resale and will lack any supporting document as insurance. Therefore, we advise you to be wary of those who can not present the pink diamond certificate at the time of purchase.

Online auctions of certified pink diamonds 

One of the most recommended ways to buy certified pink diamonds at a reasonable price is through online sales at trusted sites.

When buying loose pink diamonds, you should know that Argyle Diamond Investments are specialists in jewelry with precious stones and auction pieces that have their certificate of rigour, which generates great confidence among our customers.

If you are interested, you have to enter our website of online auctions of precious stones and start bidding for one of the available certified pink diamonds.

Invest in pink diamonds

If you access the online auctions of certified Argyle Diamond Investments pink diamonds, you will find that not all pink diamonds are only available to large fortunes. Today, almost anyone can invest in pink diamonds. If you are looking to buy a precious stone as an investment, ex an excellent option, since buying them loose in online auctions will allow you to buy them comfortably and then resell them when it suits you.


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