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How To Change In Motorbike Spares And Maintenance The Battery

According motorbike spares to the characteristics of each one, they come or not with a battery level indicator. The ROAN brand scooters all have a battery level indicator. That is why you should never let your battery discharge less than 20%.

Take your scooter to its maximum performance, generates greater wear on your battery.

Do not disconnect your battery until it is fully charged.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Charge Your Motorbike Spares As Long As Necessary

The chargers of the Roan scooters have motorbike spares an indicator to know when the battery is fully charged. Charging your battery more than necessary time not only makes it lose useful life but also the battery can begin to swell which will make you not only lose autonomy but also generate unnecessary expense.

If you are not going to use your scooter for a long season, disconnect the battery. This will prevent it from being downloaded in its entirety. We also recommend that in that long season that the scooter is not used, at least the battery is charged once a month and then disconnected again.

The possible problem you could have if you do not follow this advice is that when we want to recharge our battery, especially in periods of very cold, we can no longer recover it.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Periodically motorbike spares clean your battery with a dry cloth. Cleaning is important to remove any trace of sulfate from the electrolyte that has been inadvertently spilled previously and is already dry (whitish appearance).
If you have any questions, contact your provider.

Let us maximize the life of our battery and therefore our electric scooter.

Tips For Maintaining Your Motorbike Spares

The maintenance of your motorbike spares is essential if you are someone who likes the world of motorbike. Get these 10 practical tips for maintaining your minibike.

End The!

If you like to walk in the mud or jump on motorbike spares the cross track you should not stop . Regardless of how you use your motorcycle, you must carry out maintenance on your motorbike 


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