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Bathroom Renovation Without Works: Ideas And Tips

Now that you are home longer ... do you go into the bathroom and don't like what you see? Renovating the bathroom without works is the only option if you intend to make a change. As things are, it is difficult to get to work and keep in mind everything you usually do in a normal period, right?Neither hiring operators to perform them or dirtying the place where we are 24 hours a day too much, therefore ... here we are going to give you a couple of tips so that with a minimum investment and no works, you can give that new face to this important part of the house.
Sometimes we do not give importance to this space in our house, either because we are for rent or we do not believe it is necessary to invest money in this room, but the reality is that this can be a big mistake.The bathroom is one of the first things you see in the morning and one of the last things before bed. How to start and end the day well if your most intimate space is not the right .

Furniture To Gain Storage :

The first thing we have to look at in our bathroom is whether or not it is functional. Beyond our outdated decoration, we have to observe our storage space, something fundamental for our comfort.Without realizing it, most of the time we use a piece of furniture without shelves, or something similar for our toiletries, we take one and throw three, or we never have at hand what we are looking for ... Irritant, right?Currently there are many models of bathroom furniture , you will find them in narrow measures or with greater amplitude. Try to focus on what you need ... more drawers, doors or both. 
You can find a wide variety of models, measures from 60.70, 80 cm ... even wider, it all depends on your space and needs.If your bathroom is narrow, you can find a wide variety of furniture with a reduced depth , which does not mean that they do not have drawers or doors for storage. These little ones can make your life much easier, since, although it may not seem like it, they have a great capacity.We also recommend looking at auxiliary bathroom furniture , they are very practical and functional, it may be that you do not need as much storage space and you can gain more space by placing a counter with sink.
Bathroom Renovation

The Importance Of Bathroom Accessories :

These little things are what often help us remodel without making big changes. Our accessories and bathroom accessories can become obsolete without realizing it, with an aged appearance that ends up damaging the aesthetics of the room.Most towel racks, toilet paper holders and hangers do not need work. They come with a glue to apply directly to the surface, which makes you have it installed in less than 5 minutes.
Placing a trash can in our Bathroom Renovation is something very useful, comfortable and hygienic and it also helps with our decoration. You do not need to use large capacity bins, this makes the space to be very small for a very useful accessory.Towels are another part to highlight, renew with bright colors or light shades if your bathroom already has too many shades. Without realizing it, the fabrics lose the vivacity in the colors and that makes the environment not look the same, in addition to hygiene it is recommended to change them every so often. Don't worry, old towels always have a multitude of uses for our home. 
The most recommended bath towels are those made of 100% cotton that greatly benefit the care of our skin, in addition this helps to better preserve the softness with each washGood lighting in the bathroom will help the textile stand out from the rest of the elements.

Paint Tiles :

Tired of the same color? Well if you have bathroom tiles in a bold color or you are tired of traditional white, we give you good news, you can paint your bathroom tiles without renovation! That's right, with special paints to avoid moisture, and for this material, this change is one of the most notorious. If the idea of ​​painting seems a bit cumbersome you can use vinyl tiles, its application is very simple and this material has a long durability.

Change The Floor :

Have we not said that nothing works? That's right, to change the floor of your bathroom you do not need to carry out works, you can find a wide variety of colors, models and novel and modern shapes in vinyl material. A methodology widely used by decorators for the Renovation of environments. Quick, easy, simple and without works! In addition, we teach you how to place vinyl flooring in your bathroom.
Bathroom Renovation

Light Up Your Bathroom :

Light is a very important factor in our life, but especially in our bathroom. Is the first thing that comes to mind is natural light? If you are one of the lucky ones to have it, do you take advantage of it properly?Decoration is a fundamental part in these cases, play with it to gain more space and spaciousness. The tonality of our lamp will also influence this, it depends on the color of your furniture or bathroom fixtures, you must place a white, neutral or warm light bulb.
The mirrors with LED lighting help much on these occasions, and you can have a hue in them, different from your electrical installation.Remember also to incorporate some plants as additional decoration, this will help a lot to achieve a relaxed and decorative environment.
Now that you have some ideas to change your bathroom, we would like to know if we have been able to help you with the remodeling, if so, leave us your comment or send us a photo of your new bathroom. If you still have doubts, remember that our customer service can advise you on any of our products to expand your ideas.


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