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Honesty and Professional Conscience Plumbing Services In New Castle

 Equipping your building with a new plumbing or heating system means investing in the comfort and safety of your family or its occupants. It also means long-term savings in maintenance and energy costs, and the assurance of exceptional quality for parts, devices and a labor force with extensive experience. Contact your heating contractor and plumber in Montreal and Laval today: Green Planet Plumbing.

Experience serving your satisfaction

At Green Planet Plumbing, we have had a passion for a job well done, since the beginning of our activities. From humble beginnings with a single truck over 30 years ago, the company grew and was finally incorporated in April 2003.

A dynamic company on a human scale

The goal of the plumbers and heating engineers in this dynamic company is to provide ever more professional service to an ever more demanding clientele. We also offer you excellent after-sales service, including a 90-day warranty on labor and one year on parts.

With Green Planet Plumbing, you choose politeness and professional conscience for plumbing and heating work carried out efficiently and expertly. Call us  for any questions about our services!

Experience, integrity, respect and competence

Whether it is to repair faulty plumbing parts, adapt a bathroom for a person with reduced mobility or perform an inspection of your pipes, count on the experience of our team and competitive prices of plumbing newcastle. Our technicians, advisers and specialists are at your service. They will do everything in their power to provide you with the best of their knowledge, their know-how and their attention to detail. Since its foundation, our company has taken care of your comfort, your safety and your satisfaction.

Maintenance, repair and installation - efficient products

We carry out heating and plumbing projects for residential and institutional clients, as well as apartment building owners. In addition, we repair your piping and replace defective parts with quality parts. Known for their reliability and excellent energy efficiency, the products we offer are suitable for your needs and your budget.

Complete plumbing and heating services                        

We put our expertise at your service for new construction or renovations. Always up to date with the latest innovations in the field, we can advise you adequately for the installation of a backflow prevention system for the protection of drinking water, the installation of a water heater or a boiler, design of a hydronic heating system, work done by certified inspectors, and more. Among other things, we provide you with a whole range of natural gas appliances and can convert your heating system.


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