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Saving Electricity at Home Tips


Don't you know how to save energy in your home or in your workplace? In this article we will analyze what aspects you should take into account to lower your energy prices from today. Keep reading!


Ways to save electricity at home

There are different ways to save electricity in your home that are also applicable to your office. The most important thing is to have the will and commitment to change your habits but surely these aspects that we analyze below can help you reduce the cost of your bills.

Savings calculator

In most homes they have a much higher power contracted than what they really need, the fault of the deception of the large electricity companies. Thanks to our savings calculator you will discover how much money you could be saving on your electricity bill. The first step to save energy is to keep track of the electrical power of each appliance, to know what our consumption is.

With our savings calculator we only need your last bill to know what you are wasting energy on, through the following data:

  • Hired potency. 
  • Consumed energy.
  • Total cost of the invoice.
  • Know if you have time discrimination or not.
  • Customer type.
  • Billing period.
  • Cups code: This number appears on the electricity bill, and is like the ID of your electricity supply.

Thanks to the information from your last bill, we can see exactly what your electrical needs are so that you can start saving.

Hired potency

Do I have the electrical power I need? Thanks to our savings calculator, we calculate the power you should have adapted to your real consumption needs. The comparison is established by looking at your consumption and the power that you have contracted to know exactly what power you should have.

Rates with hourly discrimination to save

The time discrimination is one of the best ways to save energy. These rates consist of paying a different price for energy, depending on the time of day we consume, so that the day is divided into peak hours and off-peak hours.

In peak hours, energy is paid almost 20% more expensive, while in off-peak hours it is almost 50% cheaper. These types of rates are interesting for users with high consumption in off-peak hours (from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. in winter and from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. in summer), only when consuming 30% of our consumption total in off-peak hours it is better for us to have a rate with hourly discrimination However, if consumption is gradual throughout the day, we recommend a constant fixed price rate to forget about the time.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency consists of reducing the amount of energy required in any installation, process or device. It is about using energy efficiently to reduce costs on the electricity bill. Through our savings calculator, you will be able to know if your home is efficient in order to optimize your energy costs to the maximum.

Furthermore, energy efficiency goes hand in hand with caring for the environment, since by reducing energy intensity and consuming only what is necessary, polluting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are reduced.

Social bonus

The social bonus is a government regulated rate created to help the most disadvantaged families with their electricity bill. You don't know if you have the right to request the social bonus? More than a million and a half people could be beneficiaries of the social bonus and save 25% of their expenses on their electricity bill, but they still do not know it.

At Real Electrical Solutions we cannot offer it but we want to inform you of all your savings possibilities on your electricity bill. Despite not being able to offer this bonus, our cheap rates are suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy clean and cheap energy without tricks or surprises at the end of the month on the electricity bill.

Green energy

The new energy marketers are betting on alternative renewable energies, which not only help combat climate change but are cheaper than conventional energies. Saving costs while reducing your polluting CO2 emissions in the atmosphere is possible. If we all do our part, we will achieve a sustainable world for all.

Hire an electrician to save energy

We are different from the rest of the electricity companies on the market. Our goal is to offer a real alternative to the oligopoly of large electricity companies in Australia, offering users the cheapest electricity rate on the market. We want to give the most affordable price of electricity to users and companies, without permanence and without polluting energy. Call an electrician today!

Our premises are the environment and consumer savings, for this reason we facilitate with our savings calculator that the customer can control their electricity to optimize their costs.

Saving is very easy if you know how to do it!


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