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Which is better, to install blinds or shutters?

Installing blinds and shutters gives us protection against the sun and serves as a screen against the cold, rain or wind. Discover the advantages of shutters and installation guide here.

Both are essential to improve the thermal and acoustic efficiency of our windows; hence it is better to install blinds or shutters on the outside: they will protect in a better way. When we have to decide on a model or material we must bear in mind the climate and orientation of our home and previously study the option that best fits our style of house, with the environment and the impact on its views from the inside.

plantation shutters


Installing blinds will make it easier for us to control the interior temperature of our home, the graduation of light and ventilation, security and reduction of exterior noise. The types of blinds can be classified, normally, according to the type of material with which they are made, by the type of slat and the location of the drawer where it is rolled, included or independent of the carpentry.

  • Materials: The most common is to install PVC or aluminum blinds. The latter offer us more options when choosing the slats. Interesting are the most optimal for sleep, which make the atmosphere inside is not left in the dark all. In any case, the blind must be consistent with the material chosen for the window.
  • Shape of the slats: They can be curved or straight, larger or smaller. If what you need is to reinforce the thermal insulation, PVC is effective, as well as aluminum ones filled with polyurethane. Systems with slats that can be oriented are regulated on the incidence of light or privacy that is required, and it is a solution to take into account since, from the inside, you can continue to enjoy the views, but balance the light input.
  • Rolling box: It is the weakest point of installing blinds, since energy losses and thermal bridges occur through it. To avoid this, the drawer must form a block with the window, thus guaranteeing its tightness. In addition, the box where the tape is collected must be insulated.
  • Aesthetics: Another item that adds disadvantages to your decision is the aesthetic impact that a blind has on the facade, especially if we are talking about a rustic or classic style. In these cases, we must choose wooden folding slats.
  • Location: When there is no blind per se, a good option is to install independent models, operated only with a remote control. They are installed in the outer hole of the window or on the facade.
  • Motorized: Installing shutters gives us the great advantage that they can be raised or lowered individually or together, but also form part of a system to program their operation.


Its largest field of application due to the different opening systems it has: from practicable and sliding, to folding or lifting. In addition, they are easy to combine with windows or balcony doors, and offer us a greater aesthetic integration both on the facade and with the interior.

Blind shutters: Made of solid wood, they are very suitable for cold climates. They can also be combined with iron or galvanized steel frames. The boards can be made up of boards or panels, common in traditional Australian architecture. In addition, they are related to classic or rustic environments.

  • Lattice shutters: They have a frame along the perimeter to which fixed or adjustable slats are assembled. Perfect for humid or maritime climates, as they protect the window from the sun and mist, but do not lose aeration
  • Maintenance: Those that require less maintenance are those made of aluminum or PVC. However, those made of wood provide a higher aesthetic quality, in addition to providing a characteristic stamp of some rural or ancient styles.
  • Sliding shutters: They can be installed in the wall chamber or free on the facade. The most sophisticated ones have a lifting opening system, making the shutter a roof, to cut, for example, the sun when it is high in summer. In addition, they can be located on the outside of a balcony, thus facilitating a filter between the street and the interior.
  • Location: Its best location is outside, since in this way it stops the sun, rain, wind and protects the window from cold and heat.


If what you are looking for is comfort or having the possibility to operate the blinds from an automated system and with a wireless connection, installing roller blinds is your solution. But if what you need is effective protection, where aesthetics is not neglected, shutters are the best option.


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