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Which is better, to install blinds or shutters?

Installing blinds and shutters gives us protection against the sun and serves as a screen against the cold, rain or wind. Discover the advantages of shutters and installation guide here. Both are essential to improve the thermal and acoustic efficiency of our windows; hence it is better to install blinds or shutters on the outside: they will protect in a better way. When we have to decide on a model or material we must bear in mind the climate and orientation of our home and previously study the option that best fits our style of house, with the environment and the impact on its views from the inside. INSTALL BLINDS Installing blinds will make it easier for us to control the interior temperature of our home, the graduation of light and ventilation, security and reduction of exterior noise. The types of blinds can be classified, normally, according to the type of material with which they are made, by the type of slat and the location of the drawer where it is rolled, included or

Saving Electricity at Home Tips

  Don't you know how to save energy in your home or in your workplace? In this article we will analyze what aspects you should take into account to lower your energy prices from today. Keep reading! Ways to save electricity at home There are different ways to save electricity in your home that are also applicable to your office. The most important thing is to have the will and commitment to change your habits but surely these aspects that we analyze below can help you reduce the cost of your bills. Savings calculator In most homes they have a much higher power contracted than what they really need, the fault of the deception of the large electricity companies. Thanks to our savings calculator you will discover how much money you could be saving on your electricity bill. The first step to save energy is to keep track of the electrical power of each appliance, to know what our consumption is. With our savings calculator we only need your last bill to know what you are was

10 plumbing tricks everyone should know

  Are you struggling with low water pressure, a clogged drain that you just can't reach, a musty smell, or a leaky faucet? Sometimes plumbing problems require the attention of a professional plumber Newcastle . But in other cases, solving the problem can be as simple as knowing these 10 plumbing hacks from Green planet plumbing . 10 plumbing tricks everyone should know Whether you plan to fix your plumbing problem or call in a professional, these 10 plumbing tricks can help you prepare for repairs and reduce the risk of major damage to your plumbing system. 1. Know where the shutoff valves are Find out where the main shut-off valves are located. Your home may have a main shutoff valve inside or outside. These valves shut off the water supply to your home. 2. Know where your pipes are If you are planning any DIY projects, make sure you know where the pipes are located in your home. You may have pipes in your walls, floor, or ceiling. Accidentally driving a nail into on